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Roll Away Your Stone
Thread DateSeptember 15th
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Air Nomad
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The Harvest Lights Festival
RE: Roll Away Your Stone
"Well, it's an interesting place to say the least," Aang said. "They usually manage to make quite a spectacle of delivering the tea, and Lucky Ling personally arranges all of the table settings. Pretty spry for an old man. He actually kinda reminds me of Bumi." He recognized that the reference to his old friend might not mean too much to Katara, who hadn't met the man a great many times before his passing. Aang still wondered often enough what it would have been like to grow up in his own time, though. Bumi played a frequenty role in those musings.

"Great tea, too." He added after the fact. He couldn't bring himself to say anything else immediately following that; the weight of how boring he was being came crashing in on him all at once. They hadn't been together long, sure, but he couldn't think of one interesting thing he'd said since this impromptu reunion had gotten started. He sought after something of greater substance to add, but he came up blank. Well, not entirely blank, but what few things he could think to mention were probably best kept in confidence, complex as they were.
01-05-2015, 11:13 PM
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Water Tribe
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RE: Roll Away Your Stone
Of course Katara couldn't help but giggle slightly at the mention of Ling being spry for an old man. Though they both continued walking toward the establishment and Katara couldn't help but place both hands afront of herself, hugging each other as she'd gaze around when things went quiet. She herself felt the burden of quietness creeping up, when no-one was offering further conversation.

"Oh! I almost forgot, how's Appa and Momo?" Katara asked, hoping to push the conversation onward - offering something new to talk about. "I haven't seen them both in sometime, it'd be nice to greet them both - I'm sure Appa wouldn't mind someone giving him a gentle patting down, hehe. She'd chuckle.

Then the brunette would give Aang another comforting smile, hoping to set the mood alittle easier to that things weren't so awkward, given their previous relationship.
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01-06-2015, 12:17 PM
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