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Southern Water Tribe A Fresh Start
Thread Date1st September
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Water Tribe
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RE: A Fresh Start
Katara felt her eye twitch quite abit when she'd heard Azula talking about how not everyone lived in a palace and how one would need to make themselves comfortable no-matter where they went or did. The watertribes girl actually felt an old fire within her start to rise from those old, burning embers that remained from things of the past.

"Oh is that right? Well, I can think of afew people that may have indeed, spent 'most' of their lives within one!" Katara fumed.

Her hands quickly balled into fists as she'd keep those arms laying flat against her sides, sighing deeply and trying to remain calm and composed. It was then when Azula finished her next set of words, that Katara figured that the fire-princess was trying to taunt her, poking fun at her sides and generally being a pain in the ass. Squinting her eyes much like her older brother, as she'd gaze back toward the princess she'd fold her arms and grunt slightly as she next spoke.

"Alright. Fine. Where would you like to go, what would you like to see next princess? I'm very sorry if my little tour of our quite simple village is boring you - perhaps I should summon a flying bison to come swoop you away and show you a bird's eye view?" Katara boldly stated, trying a card from Toph's book.
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01-02-2015, 10:05 AM
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Fire Nation
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The Harvest Lights Festival
RE: A Fresh Start
Azula looked over at her for a moment. She knew the heart of this. The peasant didn't actually care whether or not she came from a barn or a palace. She was simply taking whatever jabs she thought she could. Right. Goading her. That wasn't the point of this trip. It was just a lot of fun. Still, she had more important things at hand and shouldn't let herself get distracted by playing idle games.

"Some of us did spend the majority of our lives living in a palace, that's true. But you seem to be under the mistaken notion that I don't know anything about life outside of one. We of the Fire Nation had wood and brick to construct our buildings out of. Even those of us that don't live in palaces. And that manages to keep us cool in our hot temperatures." She decided to take a page from the peasant's book.

"No one said anything about being bored. But I fail to see why you feel the need to continuously bring up the fact that I live in a palace."
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Water Tribe
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RE: A Fresh Start
As both girls talked on, Katara felt like the flow of conversation was starting to become stiff, stoic and thus would simply shake her head after Azula had finished speaking. The brunette pondered things over within her head and would sigh gently, looking away for a moment as if annoyed at herself for letting the fire-nation princess to have coaxed her as far as she already had.

Though the waterbender would raise up both her hands, placing them upon each side of her hips and turned her head back toward Azula and paused a moment, as if hestitating to respond - though afew seconds further had passed and it was then that Katara spoke out. "It doesn't matter, nevermind.." She'd say, as if speaking in a tone of defeat.

Moving forward which would lead Azula onward, Katara would eventually come around to the select of the village where they'd eat, there was many fires and food cooking over spits atop of them - though, they were typically fish with sticks, pikes pierced through them - though still a tasty dish if one didn't mind eating fish most of the year.

"This is where we cook and eat as you've probably guessed." Katara said, sitting herself down upon one of the wooden stumps they'd use as a makeshift seat and reaching out she'd turn one of the cooking fish, seeing as it was almost cooked she wanted to makesure. "Would you like something to eat?" She'd then ask the fire-princess, raising an eye at her; Still obviously annoyed, but, doing her best to hide it as Azula would no-doubt have trouble telling.
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