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Uncomfortable Off Time
Thread DateJune 2nd
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The Harvest Lights Festival
Uncomfortable Off Time
Chiyori always felt strange without her makeup and uniform. The tall woman made her way through the markets. She and her sisters of the Kyoshi warriors were needing some items and Chiyori felt the need to go outside. This resulted in her volunteering to get them.

She wore her hair down, letting it come past the small of her back. Her clothes were simple red robes. If not for the green eyes, most would have trouble recognizing that she wasn't of the Fire Nation. She paused at stands from time to time before continuing to the next.

She wasn't paying attention when she ran in to someone, knocking the bag of fruit she carried to the ground.

"Forgive me." She muttered kneeling to pick up the fruit.
07-14-2014, 10:23 AM
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RE: Uncomfortable Off Time
Taiki hated shopping. Even after living in the Fire Nation for six years, the market was a little intimidating. It was just so... big compared to the one back home. Which was to be expected -- this was the Fire Nation capital, not some backwater Earth Kingdom town. But the throng of people, the amount of shops... It was just a little, well, intimidating.

Especially when he was having to clothes shop. With food or supplies, it was just a matter of getting what was on the list, a quick in and out. With clothes... uh, he had to look around, try things on. It was a nightmare. Especially because truth be told, Taiki could be notoriously picky when it came to what he wore. And he was just so sick of red. Maybe it was time to hit up one of the import stores. They were just so expensive.

Exiting what felt like the billionth shop, Taiki couldn't help but feel just a little disheartened. He ran a hand through his hair, turning to head down the street when someone bumped into him.

He immediately crouched down to help her pick up the fruit. "Don't worry. This place is pretty crowded -- it happens sometimes. Often, really." Placing the fruit back into her bag, he gave her a smile.
08-07-2014, 08:45 PM
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The Harvest Lights Festival
RE: Uncomfortable Off Time
Chiyori managed to gather all of the pieces she had dropped and nodded to the boy that helped her pick it up. She looked up at him in acknowledgement before shuffling everything around in the bag to make sure it would all fit again. Nothing looked like it had been bruised so that was good.

"Quite. I'm quite surprised I hadn't bumped in to many more." Which was true. Despite the fact she had long since gotten used to the fact she was a rather tall girl, she still had trouble keeping track of long arms and legs when not acting as a warrior of Kyoshi. "I hope that I have not kept you."

((I'm so sorry it took me so long))
09-10-2014, 11:57 PM
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