Seven years ago, the world came to an end. And a new one began where that one left off. After the Avatar defeated my father, Fire Lord Ozai, my brother Zuko assumed the throne. After near war with the Earth Kingdom and the escape and capture of my Father, things on the surface look calm. But there is a war going on in the shadows. It's time to see once and for all if our nation can be held up to the flame.

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Wanted Canons:
Fire Nation Nobility (Ocs. Could use lots of these!)
Earth King Kuei

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Canon List
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Canon List

This is a far from conclusive Canon list. If there is a character you want to play that isn't on this list, feel free to reserve that character anyways. Descriptions for open characters are not set in stone and can be changed once the character is claimed.

In the case of pairings, whether the relationship is still going or not is up to the first of the pairing claimed. Should the second not want to play that pairing, he or she is welcome to break it off.

[Image: 29m8207.png]

Team Avatar

Male || 21 || Air Nomad || The Avatar || Ephrum
A now fully realized Avatar, he is now working to restore balance to the world. Until this role is taken, it is assumed he is working outside of the Fire Nation. Assumed to be dating Katara.

Female || 22 || Water Tribe|| OPEN
Katara has been spending her time between the Northern and Southern water tribes acting as the official ambassador between the two, working to cement the bonds between the two tribes and rebuilding the Southern Water Tribe

Male|| 24 || Water Tribe || Wanderer
Assumed to be dating Suki. Until Claimed, he can be working with his father to build up the defenses of the Southern Water tribe. Once claimed, he could be in Caldera City as a representative of the Southern Water Tribe.

Female || 20 || Earth Kingdom || 2scribble
Assumed to be teaching students at Metal Bending Academy in Yu Dao. Until claimed, that's where she'll be. When claimed, she could have a few instructors at the Academy leaving her free to look for more students or to just take a break.

Fire Lord Zuko
Male || 24 || Fire Nation || 2Scribble
The Fire Lord. Now distant from those who used to be his best friends, he throws himself in to his work in hopes of further strengthening his nation.

Female || 23 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN
Suki has been spending most of her time on Kyoshi Island training the next generation of the Kyoshi Warriors. Her second in command Chiyori has been overseeing matters in the Fire Nation in her stead.

[Image: 29m8207.png]
Fire Nation

Princess Azula
Female || 22 || Fire Nation || KESRA
Presumed dead. Has been out and about in the Fire Nation since her supposed death under the alias 'Ember'. She has been taking jobs as a mercenary since.

General Iroh
Male || 72 || Fire Nation ||OPEN
Until claimed, it's assumed he is still at his teashop in Ba Sing Se. When claimed, perhaps he could open a shop in Yu Dao or maybe be there for Zuko where he doesn't have much family left.

Male || 51 || Fire Nation || Open
Former Fire Lord. Escaped from prison. Was recaptured two years ago leaving behind a power vacuum of opposition for Zuko

Female || 50 || Fire Nation || NPC (Not Available)
Has been missing for eleven years. Until claimed, she's still missing. If she gets claimed, where she was is up to her. It's said the Shirshu couldn't find her so perhaps she was in the spirit world? Or someplace else. Pretty open here.

Female || 23 || Fire Nation || Meg
She's still nobility so it's safe to assume that she's still serving the Fire Nation as such. Until claimed, she can be assumed to be off doing her own thing. When Claimed, she is welcome to become a Duke or a Marquess. Maybe some sort of adviser.

Ty Lee

Female || 22 || Fire Nation || K
Probably with the Kyoshi Warriors. Before she's claimed, it is assumed she's off doing Kyoshi Warrior things. When she's claimed, she could stick with the Kyoshi Warriors or find something else to do.

Male || 47 || Fire Nation || OPEN
Sword wielding master. Until claimed, it's assumed he's still doing what he's always done. If claimed, he could come to be a military adviser for Zuko.

[Image: 29m8207.png]
Earth Kingdom

Earth King Kuei
Male || 32 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN
King of the Earth Kingdom. Things have mostly held together since the Yu Dao conflict. Until taken, it's assumed he's just doing his Earth Kingdom thing.

Long Feng
Male || 50 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN
As it stands, he's imprisoned and the Earth King doesn't seem keen on letting him out. If he's picked up, he's welcome to bust out of that joint.

Female || 23 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN
Girl living on the outskirts of an Earth Kingdom village. She's pretty much free reign.

Female || 28 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN
One of the most sought out and expensive bounty hunters in the world, Jun is never seen without the Shirshu Nyla. Until played it can be assumed she's off doing what she does. She's what bounty hunters hope they can be.

[Image: 29m8207.png]

Yu Dao

Female || 23 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN
She once snuck in with the intention of trying to kill Zuko. Four years later however, she could now be taking an active role in the fate of Yu Dao. Up to you if she's still with Sneers. With cooperation of Sneers of course.

Male|| 23 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN
Was once part of the Freedom Fighters and even managed to score a girl like Kori, It's really up to his player if he wants to still be with her...with cooperation from Kori of course. Could be hanging out in Yu Dao still. Could be a freedom fighter.

Female || 23 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN
Once one of Jett's freedom fighters. Is she still one? Could be.

Male || 23 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN
He really doesn't say much. Could still be in Yu Dao. Could still be with the freedom fighters

Ho Tun
Male || 23 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN
Ho Tun is one of Toph's first students to graduate her metal bending academy. He can be off doing whatever he likes or hanging back to help in instruction.

Female || 15 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN
This girl loves shoes. She was one of the first to graduate Toph's metal bending school. She can still be around as an instructor or she can find her own fortune

Moo-Chee-Goo-Chee-La-Poo-Chee the Third
Male || 24 || Earth Kingdom || K
Considers himself a poet. He's one of the first ones to graduate from Toph's Metal Bending school. He can seek his own fortune or remain on as one of her instructors.

Male || 22 || Earth Kingdom || OPEN

Let's make him not dead somehow.

[Image: 29m8207.png]
To reserve, create an account and respond below. Reserves last for a week. Should the reserve period run out and you are still actively working on your profile, you are welcome to request a week long extension once. Afterward you are still welcome to work on the character sheet but someone may come in under you and reserve it.

[Image: 29m8207.png]

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