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Okami Gala- Open Thread 3
TagsAnyone invited to the Gala
Thread DateOctober 30th
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Si Wong Desert
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The Harvest Lights Festival
RE: Okami Gala- Open Thread 3
"Cao Baomei, of the Hami Tribe" the sandbender explained, taking the plate from the merchant and glancing at it. She had to admit that it looked rather delicious, no matter how different from the diet she wanted to have it was. In the desert, her people never really had much that was too spicy or too sweet. Still, it was nice to have food that didn't burn her internal organs up during the digestive process.

Baomei took a fork and stabbed it into the cake, taking a little piece off the edge as if she was a bit curious about it, yet still a bit wary of it at the same time. Ignoring her own thoughts on the matter, the sandbender downed the bite and stood there a moment, taking in the tastes. It... was actually not that terrible. It wasn't even awful - in all actuality, it could be considered really good. She took another bite, and then another right after that one, enjoying the taste. "This' good," she complimented, her mouth a bit full of cake.
04-15-2013, 04:17 PM
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RE: Okami Gala- Open Thread 3
"Pleased to meet you." The response was automatic, but sincere. "My name's Ringoshu, of the Heika family." She stopped herself from adding "but you already knew that"; as Baomei couldn't read, she wouldn't have drawn the obvious conclusion from the sign. Instead, hoping to make her customer more at ease, she added, "This is my first visit to the Fire Nation too. I'm from a fair piece away, in the northern colonies." She grinned. "Well, leastways I assume it's your first visit to the Fire Nation."

She looked around again, just to make sure nobody else was approaching her booth. Well now. As a matter of fact somebody was. She kind of hated to leave baomei, just when it seemed she was breaking through the girl's shell, but she couldn't ignore the party of festival-goers either.

"Well, y'see? Never judge somehting until you try it! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some other folks to attend to. If you want anything else, feel free to help yourself. It's not every day you get a chance like this!" She winked and then went tot he other side of her booth, greeting the newcomers.
04-28-2013, 07:11 PM

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