Seven years ago, the world came to an end. And a new one began where that one left off. After the Avatar defeated my father, Fire Lord Ozai, my brother Zuko assumed the throne. After near war with the Earth Kingdom and the escape and capture of my Father, things on the surface look calm. But there is a war going on in the shadows. It's time to see once and for all if our nation can be held up to the flame.

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Earth Kingdom
Non Bender
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[Image: _suki.jpg]

25|| Female ||Earth Kingdom - Kyoshi Island ||Kyoshi Warriors/Team Avatar/The Fire Lord

Bender: No
Abilities: Chi Blocking, unarmed combat, acrobatics, Tessenjutsu
Weapons: War Fans, Katana, Retractable Shield


When on duty, Suki can typically be found wearing traditional Kyoshi Warrior uniform. The uniform consists of a metal headdress, war paint, and an armored green kimono. Suki's headdress is made up of a gold triangular plate with a smaller rectangle over it and two long, thin rectangles on either side of the center one.

On or off duty her auburn hair is usually worn down in a kind of bob. Though she will also wear it with the top portion pulled into a bun or tail on top with the rest of her hair down.

Off duty she tends to stick to clothes that don't limit her mobility or ability to defend herself such as tunics and pants.


Certain things are required of leaders, especially those belonging to the Kyoshi warriors and even through the centuries, Kyoshi is a hard act to follow. But Suki consistently, and constantly lives up to the expectation of such a leader. She's tough, able to take what benders and non-benders alike can dish out and keep going. Even when things get really hard, she's not one to give up or complain. She sticks things out and holds her head high, not just in opposition to enemies or threats, but also as a rallying call to the spirits of those following her.

But toughness alone doesn't make a leader. Another quality Suki possesses is her assertiveness. She's a woman who's not afraid to speak her mind; whether it's calling out bigotry or giving her input on plans or cutting through the crap.

Being a woman of action she's not willing or able to sit idly by either. If something needs to be done, she's the first one ready to do it.

While she can be those immovable things she needs to be to be a leader, she also possesses a softer side. She's compassionate toward others, especially those she cares about or those who are in need. This was why the Kyoshi Warriors moved from Kyoshi to help in the efforts against the Fire Nation and assist Team Avatar.

Though she is not without flaw, and can carry grudges at times.


In AG 84, Suki was born on Kyoshi Island. When she was eight years old she began her training as a Kyoshi Warrior. Over time, many of her fellow warriors began to respect not just her combat skills, but her leadership abilities. Eventually, her abilities would earn her a place as the Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors.

When she first met Team Avatar she suspected they might be Fire Nation spies, and captured them. But once they learned that Aang was the Avatar, they released them and began to make friends with the Team. Suki got rather close with Sokka in particular despite his attempt to sneak into the ranks of the Kyoshi to learn from them. She even taught him a few things.

After Team Avatar helped protect their village from Fire Nation forces, Suki decided to extend the aid the Kyoshi Warriors could give beyond the borders of Kyoshi Island, and defend other parts of the Earth Kingdom from Fire Nation attackers. She and her warriors would eventually be defeated and imprisoned while defending the Avatar's Sky Bison from Princess Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee.

Suki was put into a high-security prison, but as luck would have it: Zuko and Sokka came to the prison to rescue Sokka's Father. Suki was quite thrilled to see Sokka again and be given a way out of the prison. Unfortunately for Sokka, his father wasn't at that particular prison. But she too was a valuable asset to Team Avatar as they began pushing for a final defeat of the Fire Nation.

Once that war was over, and Zuko crowned the Fire Lord, Suki and her Warriors became a personal guard for the young Fire Lord. A few times she may have stepped out of bounds in regards to protecting the Fire Lord, but she was more concerned with his life than his approval. Though she did later apologize for spying on him giving her concern for him as her reason.

Having a mind of what Zuko was planning to do, she went to find her friends from Team Avatar to inform them and help them. She did what she could on her end to try to be involved and keep peace, but inevitably was drawn into battle against the Fire Nation.

Once the situation around Yu Dao was defused, she returned with Zuko to the Fire Nation. For awhile, she would stay at his side. But the strain of distance caused things dear to her to be shaken. So when the opportunity came in the form of need from Kyoshi Island, the young leader left.

She would occasionally return to receive reports or help when asked, but she stayed in and around Kyoshi Island, starting a fresh batch of girls on their way to becoming Kyoshi Warriors. But it wasn't just on Kyoshi Island that she worked with girls, training them to defend themselves and act in accordance with the ways of a Kyoshi Warrior, but also nearby villages in need of such a group of warriors for defense and civility.

After her self-imposed exile, she's returning to the Fire Nation and the head of her Warriors.

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