Seven years ago, the world came to an end. And a new one began where that one left off. After the Avatar defeated my father, Fire Lord Ozai, my brother Zuko assumed the throne. After near war with the Earth Kingdom and the escape and capture of my Father, things on the surface look calm. But there is a war going on in the shadows. It's time to see once and for all if our nation can be held up to the flame.

Current Posting Dates: August-October

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Wanted Canons:
Fire Nation Nobility (Ocs. Could use lots of these!)
Earth King Kuei

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As the Harvest comes to a close, the now dead fields are set ablaze to give nutrients to next year's soil. The festival comes to an end when lanterns are released in to the air to guide wayward spirits back to the spirit realm. Takes Place October 24th-31st. Post in character.
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04-28-2013, 07:11 PM
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